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Hamara Foundation, initially started as “Hamara Club” in July 1989 as a field action project of Tata Institute of Social Science (TISS) by Prof. Asha Rane in response to the emerging problems of street children in the city of Mumbai. Though the first initiative of the organization, was the Project for Street Children, the activities of the organization expanded substantially, reaching to a large number of children over a period of time.

Hamara Foundation is one of the reputed NGOs in Mumbai, which runs innovative projects like CHILDLINE, a 24X7 Helpline for children in distress, Children’s Development Khazana (CDK-A Bank run by children for children themselves) and the Community Development Project “Hamara Chota Gram” for underprivileged community.

Our vision is to ensure that no child should live on the street and that every child has an inherent right to dignity and respect.

The organization believes in working towards creating the environment in which every child enjoys rights to survival, development, protection and participation and a happy childhood.

Our mission is to work towards facilitating all round growth, development and empowerment of the street children and to catalyse an overall improvement in their lives.

We also aim at engaging in advocacy and taking up issues of street children and their life situation with a larger purpose of creating public awareness, and towards generating sensitivity amongst the masses regarding the growing phenomenon of street children.

Yes, Hamara Foundation is registered under Public Trust Act, 1950. It is also registered for exemption under section 80 G, 12A and for foreign contributions- under FCRA.

Donations, offline and online fundraising events

We have a sponsorship programme wherein we allocate INR 5000/- per child per year. This amount provides for a child’s stationery, uniform, tuition class requirements and a festival dress for the child.

We have another sponsorship programme called Gyanda Foundation sponsorship in which along with the above facilities, the school fees (private school) for the child is also provided.

Yes, we accept donations. Currently we accept donations online, through demand drafts, cash & kind donations or through bank transfers which are duly acknowledged through receipts. You can make a donation Click Here

Hamara Foundation is running five projects for the development of street children: Street Children Project
City Helpline
Railway Helpline
Children’s Development Khazana
Hamara Chota Gram
We require monetary support for the various initiatives undertaken to facilitate street children and support their development and growth. Funds are utilized for providing them with basic health and hygiene services, nutrition requirements, educational requirements and extra-curricular activities.

You can make a donation here. Or click on the Donate button on the right hand corner of this page.

Our payments are processed through a reputed payment gateway-PayU Money - who adopt stringent security measures to ensure that sensitive information, such as your personal information and your credit/debit card details, are protected. 

All donations should be made in the name of Hamara Foundation. You could visit the head office to make a donation by cheque. Alternately you could mail us your cheque at the address mentioned here. Do make sure you get the receipt for the same. Along with the cheque, we would also need your details (Pan No., Name, Address, contact No.) at the time of making the contribution. We require this information as a statutory requirement under the law.

Yes, it does. For receiving donations from foreign countries, Hamara Foundation has taken permission from Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, under Foreign Contributions (Regulations) Act and the statements of all donations received are being reported to the Home Ministry. At present, however, we only accept online donations in INR.

Yes. However, we would require a valid Government Id proof to accept a donation from you. We require this information due to the government regulations and the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act, (FCRA).

Yes. As Hamara Foundation is an 80G non-profit organization, your donations are tax deductible. When you donate to us, you will receive a receipt acknowledging your donation that can be used for tax-filing purposes. While donating, please mention that you wish to claim tax benefits. The tax exemption certificate will reach you within 45 working days.

Hamara Foundation maintains separate accounts for each of its projects. Unless you specify which project(s) you wish the money to go to, Hamara Foundation will allocate your donation to a project on need-urgency basis. We do not use any portion of your donation to cover our operational expenses.

Yes. We require support in terms of providing basic health, hygiene and educational facilities to children. Based on our requirements, we publish a wish-list here. To discuss more possibilities for donation in kind please contact us here.

We encourage you to visit any of our centres before making a donation to witness the good work we do. We can issue an acknowledgement letter for the contribution in kind that you make. However, to save our precious and scarce time, man power and resources we would not be able to provide a detailed receipt of the goods donated.

At present, we do not have the resources to pick up materials from donors. You can visit any of our centres to personally make a donation in kind and receive appropriate acknowledgement for the same.

Corporates can help us with Donations, Employee Giving Programmes, CSR initiatives and imparting vocational training to our children. For further information on how you can collaborate with us please contact us here.

For volunteering opportunities with Hamara Foundation please visit the Join Us page here.

No, there is no membership fee for joining Hamara Foundation. Anyone can become a member by joining our work in different capacities.

On request we will issue a certificate for the work and duration of time that a person volunteers with Hamara Foundation on the tasks assigned by us. However, we strongly discourage people from approaching us with requests from their friends, relatives’ children, college kids wanting a certificate when they are not actually interested in working with us as a volunteer.

Please request your Institute to send us a formal letter, mentioning your interest in doing an internship with Hamara Foundation. This letter must mention your objective and duration for which you want to pursue the internship.

Hamara Foundation follows a strict child protection policy. As we work with children from vulnerable backgrounds we do not reveal the identity of the child to you. However you may visit select programmes on a scheduled visit.

All support received is acknowledged in our Annual Report and website. We can provide you with our Annual Report, on request. For further information please contact us here.

This website provides detailed information about Hamara Foundation and its projects. In case you need further information, please feel free to contact us here.