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A caller from Indore informed us that she found a 10 year old boy who is from Colaba, Mumbai. The CHILDLINE team contacted Colaba and Cuff Parade police stations for missing complaints of a 10 yr. old boy. There was a missing complaint filed by Nakul’s parents. The Nair hospital CHILDLINE contacted Cuff Parade police station about the case. Within an hour they called Nakul’s parents to police station for identification of the missing boy. The parents identified by giving information about child’s height, skin colour, and clothes, etc. But they said they were unable to go to Indore to take custody of Nakul. It was decided that Indore CHILDLINE should give custody of the child to his sister Pooja and other relatives who would bring him to Mumbai following required procedure. The child was traced quickly and parents thanked CHILDLINE team for their efforts.

In the month of September 2013, there was a call reporting that a small girl of one year age was about to be sold by her family in a red light area. The CHILDLINE team took action immediately after receiving the information. The team contacted ACP Social Service Branch, Mumbai Police for help to rescue the girl. The ACP provided a team of police officers to CHILDLINE team, which entered the area within an hour. It was difficult to locate the correct room of the building where the family was staying, because the caller did not mention the building name or any land mark. Still the team was successful in finding the child at Kamathipura with a woman named Mumtaj. The team immediately took the child in its custody. When enquired by the police, Mumtaj said that it was her own child. After thorough investigation of the police Mumtaj revealed that she was just taking care of the child whose mother was a sex worker. The Police recorded the statement of Mumtaj and her husband Habib as well as of the child's mother. The team presented the child before CWC for care and protection. Child is now safe and staying at one of the shelter homes situated in Colaba, Mumbai.

A girl studying in 10th class was removed from G.D. Somani International School (Worli), in August 2013 on the basis of a report from the Head master stating that the child was not mentally capable of coping up with studies and needed to study in special school. The school named Nalanda Institute Byculla was recommended by this school, which was later found to be a tuition class and not a full time school. When the time for filing the exam form for Secondary School Certificate Board arrived, The Board refused the child's form saying she was attending school till August. There is a rule for external exam that a child should be out of school from June before the exam year. The team member appealed to the Child Rights Commission to seek permission for the child to appear for exam, keeping in mind the best interest of the child. The Child Rights Commission, further, appealed to the Board in this matter and the Board allowed the child to give exam in March 2014. It was a success of continuous arguments and pleading with Child Rights Commission by our team member.

A 13 year old mentally challenged boy was found outside the Nair Hospital premises. Hamara Foundation, with help from police made efforts to find a suitable place for this boy. The case was referred to CWC. But CWC refused to accept the case stating that it has no responsibility of mentally challenged children. A government regulation was shown to the CHILDLINE team member who accompanied the boy. The hospital administration was then requested to keep the child for two more days. The issue was further highlighted by print media. Because of combined pressures of media and Hamara Foundation combined with regular follow-ups, the CWC conceded and accepted the boy and admitted him to the Observation Home in Umerkhadi.

Since the age of 12, Manoj has been a beneficiary of Hamara Foundation. He used to work as a car washer near Siddhivinayak temple and also attended school regularly. With the help and support of Hamara Foundation, he overcame his hardships and family problems to complete his education and then started working for the foundation itself. After completing further education in social welfare and gaining substantial work experience with Hamara Foundation, today, he is working with a reputed organisation. In the city.

Suresh Shaha’s story is inspiring to a lot of beneficiaries of Hamara Foundation. Suresh took advantage of the significant assistance and care he received from the organisation, and used it to turn his life around. Today he is successfully running a flower shop and happily sustaining his family comprising of his wife and three children.

Premkumar Chiruta hails from Hyderabad. He fled home in an attempt to escape hostile domestic conditions and adverse circumstances. He took up begging on the streets of Haji Ali, Mumbai. After coming in contact with Hamara Foundation, Premkumar was motivated to change his life for better. He took his education seriously and took advantage of the skills trainings offered by the foundation. He especially took interest in the hospitality training and later on earned a job in a restaurant where he earns Rs 7000/- per month. He thanks the foundation for showing him the right direction in life.

Fatima, a woman without a husband, hailing from Haji Ali, has two daughters. She was keen on getting her daughters educated and decided to take help from Hamara Foundation. The Foundation advised her to admit her girls to a hostel so that they can pursue their education in a conducive environment. The mother was also advised to visit her children less frequently to avoid the girls from getting home sick and concentrate fully on their schooling. Fatima was happy to see the progress her daughters were making and to secure their future, she took advice from the organization and invested her savings of 1 lakh rupees in two separate FDs (50000 each) in the name of her daughters. She was thankful to the organisation for guiding her and her family in securing their future.

Mr. Sanjay Bamne, started his journey with Hamara Foundation when he was 14 years old. He was provided with financial assistance for his studies. After completing 12th class he was appointed as a para-professional worker with Hamara Foundation. He continued studying further and graduated with a degree. He simultaneously worked and pursued an MSW degree from University. Later, he was appointed as a Social Worker with Hamara Foundation. He lended his service to Hamara Foundation for more than 10 years. Presently, this 28 year old, is working with Committed Communities Development Trust (CCDT) an NGO earning a salary of Rs.15,000/- per month.

Jayashree Sarju Pardeshi benefited immensely from the Income Generation Programme at Hamara Chota Gram. She earned a total of Rs. 184350/- and invested her earnings in a flat in Ghatkoper. She also supported her brother’s treatment. 

And many more….